Golden Beach Sergeant Arrested For Fraud

MIAMI – (CBS4) – A Golden Beach police department sergeant was arrested Wednesday after being charged with official misconduct, fraud and grand theft, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated in a statement.

Authorities began investigating Lyndean Peters, 45, of Ft. Lauderdale, in 2009 after allegations surfaced that Peters worked off-duty overtime detail while on duty, according to the arrest form. It cost the city $2,377.62, according to the FDLE.

Peters was charged with one count of organized scheme to defraud, one count of grand theft, one count of insurance fraud and 11 counts of official misconduct.

lyndean peters Golden Beach Sergeant Arrested For Fraud

Lyndean Peters faces a slew of charges following an investigation. (Source: Town of Golden Beach)

Peters also faces additional insurance fraud charges after he allegedly made false statements to an insurance company as it related to an accident he had in his police cruiser.

He allegedly told the insurance company that as a result of the accident his police dog was not fit for duty. In fact, the FDLE states, the dog, Aron, had already been designated medically unfit before the accident occurred. Investigators say the veterinarian said the dog was, in fact, not hurt in the accident and that Peters lied about the dog’s injuries.

It led to the other party’s insurance company to pay a $20,000 settlement mostly for the dog’s injuries.

The sergeant gave himself up to police Wednesday and was booked into Miami Dade County Jail. His bond was set at $70,000.

On Thursday, Glenn Singer, the Mayor of Golden Beach issued the following statement: “On Wednesday, January 5, 2010, the Town of Golden Beach suspended police officer Lyndean Peters without pay and benefits, following his arrest on felony charges.  Peters was a K-9 officer who worked the afternoon shift.  He will remain off the police force pending the outcome of the criminal case, at which time the Town will conduct its own internal investigation. The Town of Golden Beach is fully cooperating with the State Attorney’s Office on this matter.”

  • Ginny Macias

    What a creep!!!! And he is suppose to serve the public….. Give the dog the $20,000.00

  • morgan

    Sounds like someone made a wrong turn or went down the street the wrong way! hahahaaa

  • John Boy

    Isn’t the web justgreat. At least one crooked cop per day is being exposed, only about 1,000,000,000 more to go.

  • El Cubachon

    LOL! Bad Cop No Donut. What’s wrong there not paying cops enough money??? Should have listened to your parents and stayed in school! ;)

    • El Calbo

      Judging from your use of the word “there”, you also should have listened to your parents and stayed in school.

      • grammar school propout

        Actually El Calbo baldy dude, if you say. “What’s wrong there, not paying cops enough money??” It’s correct! …. .. you’re reading it as “What’s wrong, they’re not paying cops enough money??” depends on where ya puts the comma …eh??? You should have listened to your mama ans studied a bit more. :)

  • Vincent Marinello

    Another example of an individual thinking he is above the law. He lies, cheats and calls himself an officer of the law. Lock him up with the persons he arrested and make it interesting for all of to read on facebook hahahaha sucker

  • Vincent Marinello

    Hey officer you should hang yourself in your cell and save your familly the embarassment of your actions….. Let the damm dog watch you do it!!!

    • Concerned

      You should be ashamed of your comments

  • nick

    Ok people first of all this is a bunch of BS and the truth will come out later this is one big witchhut that has not only took this officer off the streets but has damage this officers reputations

  • Julio Ramirez

    I beg to differ. This guy is a crooked cop along with several of his other buddies. Only difference is they are not in jail……yet. That town is poluted with a pile of garbage that goes as high as the Mayor. Crooks and criminals have no business being police officers. I applaud those that enforce the law and especially the ones that get rid of this type of trash.

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