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11 Students Arrested In NE High School Fight

Fight Allegedly Began Over Cell Phone

OAKLAND PARK (CBS4) – Nearly a dozen students were led away in handcuffs Wednesday morning after a large fight broke out at Northeast High School in Oakland Park.

Broward Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Dani Moschella said deputies were sent to the school in the 700 block of NE 56th Street after they received a call from a school resource officer about a fight involving dozens of students in a hallway outside the cafeteria.

Arriving deputies were able to break up the fight and eleven students were arrested. Most of them were charged with disrupting a school function, but a few may be charged with battery. Moschella said it appears the fight, which broke out just after second period, centered around a cell phone.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench spoke with one of the students who were arrested for the fight. NE High School sophomore Hunter Petitdiou described the fight as being more than the typical school skirmish.

“It was a riot; everyone was fighting and because they wanted to punish anyone who might have been involved or was near it, everyone went to jail,” Petitdiou said. “This is not the first time there was a fight. There was a much smaller fight on November 23, and I think they were looking to punish everyone involved in that fight as well.”

Other students said the fight was akin to the front few rows at a hard rock concert.

“It started with just two people and then someone jumped in and then other people (jumped in) and I guess it was like a big mosh pit,” said NE High senior Stephanie Baldwin.
“These students have to realize that fighting like this is a very serious matter and there are consequences,” Moschella said. “Today, as a result of this, nearly a dozen students were arrested and taken to Juvenile Assessment Center.”

Broward schools spokeswoman Marsy Smith said those charged will be suspended for ten days pending an investigation into the fight. And while Petitdiou may not agree with it, he did accept responsibility for his role.

“It’s not fair that everyone arrested faces being suspended for 10 days, but we have to accept it, it is what it is.”

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One Comment

  1. fin says:

    at least they were wearing their good tee shirts!

  2. Navin R Johnson says:

    Hank – What brand of tin foil do you use for headgear? Just curious.

  3. Crash says:

    Its amazing what “youths” will do for a shiny object.

  4. Doug McBurney says:

    If you put your kids in Gov’t schools you are sinning against them and against God.

    And by the way Hank you forgot to mention the 50 million children legally murdered in America since 1973. You tea party types always seem to overlook the main problem. It’s not a policy problem, or a financial problem. It’s a spiritual problem. But stay engaged Hank, we Christians will help you along.

    1. Ronald says:

      That was the most unspiritual comment by a christian I have heard in a long time! Liberals do not care about their race they care about their power. They love to keep the African American down until President Clinton signed wefare reform which was the best thing that ever happened to the Black Community! Maybe if we start putting God back in our schools and prayer. Then our public schools will turn around!

  5. SAJN says:

    Navin – Good news, tin foil will fit nicely over your pin-head.

  6. Mark Matis says:

    I’m VERY surprised that they included pictures!

    1. michael says:

      Mark is right. I was surprised to see pictures. Usually the press deletes pictures cause they don’t want you to know it involved minorities. PC don’t you know.

  7. EssenSieMich says:

    They are the proverbial ‘Missing Link’, pretending they are not is naive. All the civilization in the world does not civilize most of these people.

  8. Dr Bob says:

    Why is it that I was able to describe these perps just by reading the headline?

  9. Julie says:

    @sean patriot then move you racist human being. Its time to be civilized its 2011.

  10. CSR says:

    Hey Julie, the “act differently” part is the problem.


  11. Patricia says:

    Have you been to a mall lately?

    You are so eloquent with your rejoinder…to bad we can’t have you in Washington to solve some problems. But the on second thought, maybe it’s a good idea for you to stay under your rock.

  12. Mark says:

    Are you kidding Robin. Are you trying to tell me that every single black person is dangerous?? are you that far removed from reality? I would say that percentage-wise blacks and whites are fairly close in the amount of them that are violent. You suck Robin and I hope you don’t/never will have children!

    1. Troy says:

      Mark, your guess at the statistics of violence compared across the two examples you have chosen are incorrect. The proper statistics are available via FBI.GOV and/or the American Bureau of Prisons. Look them up, then post a retraction.

    2. TexasRedbud says:

      I have not done any research, so this is just my opinion, but I would bet that if you did look at the numbers, you would see an economic correlation, not a racial one. White people that make bad economic choices, will also make bad parenting choices. The same would be true for black people.
      Everyone is born with the potential to live a good like. It is naive to think that the color of your skin determines the quality of the person.

  13. Patricia says:

    I can’t believe all the racist comments on here. This is why I definitely don’t believe in evolution….cause if they above comments point to the “evolution of human thought”, heaven help us all.

    And speaking of “racial” profiling. Why is it that the school shootings over the last 10-15 years have been perpetrated by white males? I think I’d rather have a group of kids fighting over a cell phone than deciding to shoot up a school.

    Just saying…..

  14. Brad in Denver says:

    “stupid white people” do you not see the hypocrisy in your statement? Generalizing according to race is the problem but then again you’re a teenager so I wouldn’t expect you to understand life’s complexities. Hopefully you’ll mature one day. To the other commenters I agree usually such stupid fights and crimes end up being black on black crimes but to condemn them as a race is pretty narrow minded, by far the majority of blacks in this country are upstanding citizens. To say otherwise is very telling on your narrow minded views. And by the way I’m not a liberal, just an educated conservative “Tea Party type”

    1. B_Wooster says:

      Brad, pointing out that most of these stupid crimes are committed by black people is not inconsistent with your statement that most black people are good citizens. I do not think that all black people are bad; however even before I saw the pictures I assumed that the people involved would be black. There is a problem here and if we can not be honest in identifying it, then how can we solve it?

  15. Tyler says:

    Yes b/c they are busy wasting their time complaining about their oppression. We give them free jobs that they are less qualified for so they can support their ‘baby daddy’ as he sits on his porch smoking weed all day. Give me a break and stop fitting the Asian accept all, apologetic stereotyp

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