WASHINGTON D.C. (CBS4) – Marco Rubio took the oath of office Wednesday becoming Florida’s Republican U.S. Senator. It marks the crowning achievement of a once improbable campaign against long odds that Rubio overcame, in part, because of Tea Party fueled anger over business in usual in Washington, D.C. And Wednesday marks the beginning of a different journey, one in which Rubio wears the heavy mantle of high expectations.

Rubio likes to joke that not so long ago only his wife and children though he could win the U.S. Senate race. That beaming family was at his side and mingled easily with Vice President Joseph Biden after he administered the oath-taking. They don’t mix politically and Rubio is already being touted by the GOP as a new breed of Republican, one who can reset the party’s focus, and help reign in runaway federal debt.

Senator Rubio told CBS4’s Michael Williams, “The real hope for the GOP is not one person. It is ideas and principles we are willing to stand by and turn into action or they are just campaign rhetoric.”

He doesn’t mind taking on his own party’s past political sins either. Rubio added, “The other thing we need is fiscal discipline and that is the part the Republicans have failed in the past. They love the tax cuts but don’t want to talk about spending cuts.”

The civility seen on Capitol Hill Wednesday won’t last long. Too many debates lie ahead on jobs, enormous federal debt, health care reform, etc.

Senator Marco Rubio is now anxious to begin shaping those arguments and everyone will be watching to see if his early political capital can make any real difference in business as usual.

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  1. michelle Cory says:

    i would hope you would support womens rights.

  2. robert carpenter says:

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  3. robert carpenter says:

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    Shoval ready Jobs

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