MIAMI (CBS4) -South Florida drivers may have noticed the shiny new red light cameras now perched at nineteen intersections around Miami.

They’re already flashing away. Some drivers, like Victor Wither know exactly what it’s like to get that dreaded $158 red light ticket in the mail.

“Good Christmas for me,” Wither joked sarcastically.

Miami is the latest and largest city in South Florida to start a red light camera program. Officials say it’s meant to save lives. It also raises money. The city expects to make eight million dollars by October.

“It’s unpleasant, I definitely don’t enjoy getting something in the mail, a picture of my driver’s license or my license plate,” driver Joseph Egozi told CBS4’s Natalia Zea.

Stephanie Jaramillo sees the cameras before she gets near an intersection. She pays an extra seven bucks a month for a GPS feature that warns her when the cameras are coming up.

“It’s for the driver to be careful because they might be caught,” she said.

If 27th avenue is part of your commute, beware. There are five intersections with cameras on that avenue alone.

And US-1 now has six extra intersections ready to catch red light runners.

Whether you’ve run red lights before, or are afraid your first mistake will end in a painful separation from the money in your wallet, be careful.

Jaramillo believes the program is necessary.

“Here in Miami, you need to put more of those cameras, because we have crazy drivers everywhere,” commented Jaramillo.

Red light cameras are now running at the following intersections in the City of Miami:

Northeast 36th St. & Biscayne

Northwest 37th Ave. & 7th St.

Northwest 57th Ave. & 7th St.

Northwest 27th Ave. & 7th St.

Northwest 27th Ave. & 14th St.

Northwest 27th Ave. & Flagler St.

Northwest 27th Ave. & 11th St.

Southwest 27th Ave. & 22nd St.

Northwest 42nd Ave. & 14th St..

Northwest 42nd Ave. & 7th St.

Brickell Ave., US 1 & Southeast 26th Rd.

Southwest 27th Ave. & US 1

Southwest 17th Ave. & US 1

Southwest 32nd Ave. & US 1

Southwest 22nd Ave. & US 1

Southwest 4th Ave. & 8th St.

Southwest 4th Ave. & 7th St.

Southwest 37th Ave. & US 1

Southwest 22nd St. & 32nd Ave.

Partial list of running or planned red light camera locations around South Florida:

Miami Beach:

-Washington Ave. & 17th St.

-Chase Ave. & Alton Rd.

-63rd St. & Indian Creek Dr.

-41st St. & Prairie Ave.

-71st St. & Indian Creek Dr.

-Dade Blvd. & 23rd St.

-Alton Rd. & 17th St.

-Washington Ave. & Dade Blvd.

-Indian Creek Dr. & Abbot Ave.


-West 49th St. & and 8th Ave.

-East 55th St. & East 8th Ave.

Miami Gardens:

-NW 27th Ave. & 183rd St.

-NW 2nd Ave. & 199th St.

-NW 2nd Ave. & 215th St.

-NW 7th Ave. & 183rd St.

-NW 27th Ave. & 199th St.

-NW 37th Ave. & 183rd St.

-NW 2th Ave. and 175th St.

-NW 2nd Ave. & NW 7th Ave. Extension

-NW 2nd. Ave & 167th St.

-NW 17th Ave. & 183rd St.

Fort Lauderdale:

-North Federal Highway & NE 8th St.

-NE 15th Ave. & East Sunrise Blvd.

-S.R. 84 & SW 9th Ave.

-West Sunrise Blvd. & NW 15th Ave.

-West Commercial Blvd. & NW 21st Ave.

-South Federal Highway & S.R. 84

-NW 62nd St. & NW 9th Ave.

-West Commercial Blvd. & NW 9th Ave.

-NW 62nd St. & NW 31st Ave.


-Hollywood Blvd. & US-441

-West Sheridan St. & North Park Rd.

-Sheridan Blvd. & US-441

-Pines Blvd. & Dykes Rd.

-North 72nd Ave. & Sheridan St.

Hallandale Beach:

-North Federal Highway and East Hallandale Beach Blvd.

Pembroke Pines

-SW 129th Ave. & Pines Blvd.

-N. Hiatus Rd. & Taft St.

-SW 136th Ave. & Pines Blvd.

-Dykes Rd. & Pines Blvd.

Comments (8)
  1. Lourdes says:

    Best thing ever! We need to stop those people from running red lights.

    I had two close encouters with those redlights runners and God only knows
    how I’m telling the story. After you get away from the ” I don’t belive what this person did” you’re so nerves you can’t even keep driving.

    Others have not been so lucky like me.

  2. P.O. says:

    While I agree with the red light photos…. there is one intersection that I think is not set up right. That would be NW 42nd (LeJeune) and 14th Street in Miami. When leaving the airport employee parking lot and driving on 14th Street to LeJeune… wait to turn left on a green arrow. The first person in line to turn left on to Lejuene NORTH with the green arrow gets a FLASH from the camera. SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE. And they say you cant contest the tickets. Who do you complain to if the camera isnt set up correctly??

  3. Jim D says:

    Good Idea – long overdue – now about high speed ticket cameras on the racetrack called AIA between Commercial and the beach stretch all the way to the causeway and southbound US – 1.

  4. Peter says:

    There is also one on Flagler and SW 107th ave, as it couldn’t hurt, I do have to wonder how many people will now slam on the brakes to be sure they do not cross when it’s a yellow and cause an accident from a car behind them that is not paying attention… I hope that I am wrong, but these same people who are running the red lights are the same ones that will be running into the back of others.

  5. Mike Butts says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the previous comments. We have a bunch of maniacs and idiots driving around our streets and there disregard for the law will eventually hit them in the wallet. As everyone has seen the people that run red lights are too busy doing that twiter garbage while driving or putting on makeup or doing some other types of activities. Consider were most of these people arrived from were they drive the horse and cart in their country and they can’t tell the difference between RED and GREEN light. We have some good people here…NOT!! The next place that RED LIGHT CAMERAS need to be installed is Bird Road were people think it’s a drag strip and Norh Kendall Drive.

  6. Judy Garcia says:

    As a Citizen, I want to know what will they do with all these extra cash?? That’s my only question, DO NOT STEAL from the community using a legal system.

  7. Mark Adkins says:

    I think the cameras can work only it the timers for yellow lights to turn red are more consistent. There is a lot of traffic and people drive fast behind you and will rear end you if you stop at the yellow light, and then if you don’t make it through before it turns red, you get a ticket. The money from the tickets is split between the company and the city as I understand it. I wonder if it is public saftey or making money is in there interest. All the lights should be on the same timers to give drivers a better chance to judge. I hate to see people run red lights, so we do need to enforce the law, I just want it to be fair and safe.

  8. mary says:

    This is bs…is only for the money not for safety.

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