Miami police are investigating one of their own after an officer shot and killed a man in Overtown just a couple hours into the New Year.

Family members said Lynn Weatherspoon, 27, was walking down the street on his way back from the store when he was shot by officers in unmarked black SUVs.

Thurman Johnson, Weatherspoon’s God brother was with him at the time.

“He ran and panicked. He was drunk,” Johnson said. “When he ran that’s when they shot him out the window cold-blooded. They didn’t even say ‘freeze’, they didn’t say none of that.”

Miami’s Police Chief Miguel Exposito said officers responded to a call of shots fired in the area of NW 1st Place and 15th Street shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday.

“When the officers arrived on the scene they spotted an individual standing with a handgun in his hand,” said Police Chief Exposito. “There was some type of confrontation and then the individual was shot and killed by police.”

Johnson said Weatherspoon did not have a gun in his hand. And other family members who watched the incident unfold contend the incident does not make sense.

“How can they shoot him all in the back if he pulled out a gun on y’all,” Weatherspoon’s sister, Cece Weatherspoon, said. “Y’all shot him in the back. you didn’t get no front shot.”

The shooting brought sister-in-law Claudette Lemmons’ birthday party to a sobering hault. She said she hasn’t slept since.

“I’ve been crying all day,” Lemmons said.

Weatherspoon and others had thrown her a surprise party. A final memory that she recalled in tears.

“He kept saying mama, I got something for you,” she said. “I love you and he kissed me on the jaw and that’s the last thing he did, ‘cause he danced with my daughter in the kitchen, that’s the last thing.”

Lemmons and others placed candles, stuffed animals and written prayers at the site where Weatherspoon was shot to death.

CBS4 News has learned that Weatherspoon had a lengthy rap sheet which included multiple drug and battery charges. His family members maintain he wasn’t doing anything wrong when police killed him.

Weatherspoon’s shooting come on the heels of another police-involved shooting in July when Miami police shot DeCarlos Moore to death. A police union spokesman said officers mistakenly thought Moore’s sunglasses were a gun when he pulled them out of his car.

That case is now in the hands of the State’s Attorney’s office.

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  1. james says:

    you cant believe anything the police saids. i bet it was a black or hispanic person

    1. rhedda says:

      “third world black man” ?
      “not going to be missed” ?

      maybe it was a crack head with a gun, maybe not
      it was a person with whom we will never no what type of desperation was going on with them. Easy to say “I’ve been to Overtown”, ; an outsider who thinks cause they’ve been to overtown is qualified to say anything about who and who is who and if they will be missed. Never mind that Overtown is a “Project” of the white establishment who were in total control in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Government-approved housing segregation, property redlining, and job discrimination; it was precisely these types of racist structures kept African Americans from closing the gap in pay for so very long. that cost them at least $1.6 trillion in lost wages from 1929 to 1969 ensured that African American homeowners enjoyed far less wealth accumulation in the 20th century than white Americans.

      And BTW, as for third wiorld black men, who cares about your opinion of them, try walking even a half step in any black man’s shoes, first, second, or third world

      remember this : …250 years of of cultural destruction, of humiliation, of denial of people’s sense of personhood. which has resulted in A group of people who have been given every conceivable reason to be alienated, to be poor, to be sick, to be ignorant

      Now is little you the one who’s come to look your nose down at them and say
      “good ridance” ???

      check yourself man

      1. Me says:

        I’m white and live in Miami and I feel discriminated against. I don’t speak Spanish and everyday, I have someone get obviously mad at me for not learning “their” language in my country. Hell, I can’t even get a job because I don’t speak Spanish. I feel what you said about black people and it’s so true. This country, I don’t know, it’s sad.

  2. EL CUBACHON says:

    What City of Miami Police don’t carry the Tasers anymore? Yeah lets shoot the guy dead and not only be the enforcer but also abuse the badge and be the judge. Typical cops in Miami nothing new.

  3. Normal citizen says:

    Taser? Police are not trained to use a taser on a man with a gun. Once again you prove the citizens of Miami’s ignorance and stupidity. You miss with a taser and you only have one try, and they fail a lot. I don’t know, but no one was shot on my block on new years because he was carrying a gun down the street. That’s some dumb “thug” crap. I’m glad the cops and OTHER citizens are ok and got back home to their family. Good job guys.

  4. caz says:

    Someone wipped oot a gun in a crowded bayside injuring an innocent girl, where is all the hate for this knucklehead that did this. oh yea that’s right it wasn’t a cop that did the shooting

  5. gary livingston says:

    another man shot by inexperienced nervous hating hiding behind the badhe criminal thats what the city of miami has got for cops very unprofessional very ready to shoot and i think exposito should be taken off being chief he does stick up fot the wrondoers in the department

  6. gary livingston says:


  7. Tony Montana says:

    Hey normalcitizen and me, where are your KKK membership cards you bigoted pieces of excrement?

    Once again some one assassinated by the racist Miami cops under the Regalado regime. I offer a huge thank you to the old (over 50) religulous (yes, spelled that way, look up the Bill Maher movie of the same name) that voted for that old bag of wind Tomasito (Fidels student) the preacher pimp (Curfew Dunn) and them. What have we gotten since? Damn red light cameras and killer cops? Did we have any of this garbage when Manny Diaz and John Timoney were in charge? No, didn’t think so! We could have continued this by voting for Joe Sanchez but you people voted what the damn preachers told y’all. Suffer the consequences.

    The way to fix this: don’t let anyone over 50, religious or conservative vote!

  8. K. Hernandez says:

    Why did Lynn Weatherspoon even have a gun? A convicted felon who’s criminal history includes armed robbery, battery on a pregnant woman, cocaine distribution, resisting arrest, etc,etc. hardly an “innocent” victim I’m sure. The other shooting the article refers to, the guy the cop shot had just been released from prison for murder. Why doesn’t the article mention this. I’ve lived here most of my life and I can never remember a police shooting where the community didn’t claim the guy was a good man and an innocent victim of crazy racist cops. Gimme a break.

  9. simba says:

    thank god im not black, i dont wanna be shot and oppressed or chased for being a menace to society because society wants me to be this,and i have no choice because ..250 years of of cultural destruction, of humiliation, of denial of people’s sense of personhood. which has resulted in A group of people who have been given every conceivable reason to be alienated, to be poor, to be sick, to be ignorant. yeah because books are racist and teachers and wellfare, sec-8 is racisit( try getting it if your white) cops are racist, blah blah blah, here and now, moral of the story , dont walk down the street with a guy in your hand, a gun in your pocket doesnt solve anything, only cops and criminals have guns on them. sometimes a thin line between them but often not, im black by the way

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