MIAMI (CBS4) – While parts of the country is digging out of a massive snow storm, South Florida is digging volleyballs on South Beach. People are back outside enjoying the sun.

Tourhild Settresteroem, visiting from Sweden: told us “we were up in Orlando and it was freezing cold.  So we are just loving it.”

The Settresteroem family spent lunch on the beach basking in the sun and finally warmth.  Back home it’s negative four.

“That’s cold.  That’s why we like it.” said Settresteroem.

Yes people are venturing out again on South Beach and  doing crazing things.  Derek Bieniewicz, visiting from Chicago was one of the few donning a bathing suit.

“I was in water,” said Bieniewicz   He was one of a handful to do something so brave.

Apparently freezing temperatures gave many cabin fever.

“On Sunday it was freezing cold.  We were sitting inside and we had nothing to do.” Emily Bieniewicz told us. “And now look at us. We are sitting on the beach and getting a tan.”

Yes, Florida is very confused. Confused about our Presidential elections and our weather.

With not a drop of rain falling and temperatures rising News Café waiter Jordan Charles is smiling again.  Yesterday was a bit slow.

“Oh much better now.  The business is up maybe 40% more. “ said Charles.  This is the start of the high season for tourism in South Florida. The cold start had him worried. Things are now looking up as this warming trend is expected to continue through new years.  “Next year is going to be a much better year.” Said Charles.

Folks like Steve Hedlund are making that possible.  He left Cleveland behind to have the family spend the holidays with, ahem, an old friend.

“I don’t think there is a chance in that.  We want Lebron back.” Said Hedlund.

In the end this wacky weather worked out for everyone.  Tourists get to wear their bathing suits.  Locals get to wear their jackets.  And businesses look like they are set to have a very good week as they end 2010.


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