MIAMI (CBS4) – Controversial Florida Governor Rick Scott will give a keynote speech at Jungle Island on January 11 as part of the 2011 South Florida Economic Summit, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

Scott has drawn fire for his transition team’s misinterpretation of economic data published by Princeton professor of economics, and former U.S. Assistant Treasury Secretary, Alan Krueger.

Scott’s team cited a study by Krueger that the transition team said showed that unemployed people only look for a job for 20 minutes a day. The transition team was using that logic to call for massive unemployment reform, including cutting unemployment compensation taxes for businesses.

The problem for Scott’s team was that Krueger disputed what they said. He said that the research was conducted in the mid-2000’s and found people spend more than 40 minutes a day looking for jobs; the unemployed in the U.S. search for jobs longer than unemployed workers in other country; and that the real problem is “lack of jobs, not overly generous benefits,” according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Scott’s keynote will be part of the 8 a.m. opening of the summit, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

Comments (5)
  1. Conservative Voter says:

    TAXES TAXES TAXES, LOWER OUR PROPERTY TAXES as you promised in your run for Governor ! ! ! ! ! Our locals governments are OUT OF CONTROL, we need tax assistance and the recalls of locals !!!!!!

  2. Michael R. Hopkins says:

    Stop all foreign aid to corrupt countries.
    Remove all illegal aliens from our welfare rolls and any other government programs.
    Send all the jailed illegal aliens back to the borders and across.
    Close our borders now!
    No more taxes. the American people are running out of money for the government that waste’s it away.
    Time to back up and take care of the givers instead of the takers.
    reduce government by 50%.

    1. CODE 1 says:

      TOTALLY AGREE ! ! ! ! Scott does have alot of control, so I hope he uses it !!!

  3. Me says:

    Hopefully he explains to the 90% of people in Miami not from the United States that English is the official language and to learn in. It’s not up to people on US soil to cater to ignorant Hispanics who throw their language in the faces of English speakers. Hopefully he also cracks down on all the Cuban corrupt politicians.

  4. observerfromupnorth says:

    It is a shame that when you call a city, county or state office and no one understands what you are saying because you are speaking English. While I see then need for bilingual interpreters due to international travelers, but for every day living and surviving in America you need to speak English period. We do need to close our borders in fact may-be we need to implement a passport system to travel from state to state, it would create jobs. We need to let each state implement illegal immigration laws and be accountable, these things can be done easily with the computer technology we have we just have to work together. The problem with Federal law is that each and every state interprets it differently so there are different laws in different states, then the state writes policy for lower government offices to interpret things differently etc… Working in Ohio with 88 counties that interpret the state OAC is like living in a different world for each county as they are different we need to stand united and be consistent in our administration of laws to keep people from running from one state to another to escape laws, I could go on and on of the problems we face but no one listens this is why we are where we are know fighting for the American way.

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