Riders Rescued After Rollercoaster Comes To Halt

MIAMI (CBS4)- Operators at a South Florida attraction closed down a rollercoaster ride Thursday night after it malfunctioned while riders were on it.

Marisa Gutierrez of Santa’s Enchanted Forest said the Crazy Mouse Rollercoaster stopped when a chain caused the ride to come to a halt. A total of three cars were stuck while riders were in it, Gutierrez said.

Four passengers were taken off the ride by employees who used a cherry picker. Four other riders, including three children and one adult, were harnessed before they were guided down the ride’s ladder by the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crew, according to Eric Baum of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

No injuries were reported.

Passengers were given complimentary tickets to the park for the inconvenience, Gutierrez said. Santa’s Enchanted Forest opened in south Miami-Dade on November 4. It will remain open until January 9.

The ride will remain closed. Officials are investigating the malfunction.


    Paying for access to a slave labor, low cost, and incredibly dangerous theme park is what south florida is known for. People would rather save a few 100s by not going to disney and risk losing their lives, or even worse their children’s. In a theme park where the staff do not care about ones safety not are they inclined to.

    • Kenny

      How Do You Know? What Are Your Qualifications?

    • Kenny

      Do You Know How Long Santas Enchanted Thing Has Been Around Without An Incident? Like 25 Years Bozo

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