Study: Miami Traffic Worst On The East Coast

MIAMI (CBS4) – Anyone who’s ever been stuck on the Palmetto or in a delay on the Don Shula will tell you that Miami has some of the worst traffic in the country. According to a new study, those drivers are exactly right.

A new study from and The Street, found that Miami is ranked third-worst in the country when it comes to overall commute. Only Houston, San Jose, and Dallas ranked worse when it comes to driving problems.

The rankings were based on average commute time in minutes, estimated number of commuters during peak hours in thousands, total miles traveled daily, annual hours of delay per commuter during peak hours, and spending on gas and auto expenses.

Drivers in South Florida spent, on average, roughly $491 per month on gas and other automobile expenses. The drivers typically went on average of about 15-16 miles per daily. And drivers in South Florida averaged 47 hours in delays each year, or roughly 26 minutes per day.

Miami/South Florida ranked as the worst city for commuters on the East Coast.


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