Mischievous Monkey Captured In Kendall

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – A mischievous monkey who got loose Tuesday night in Kendall and bit a man on the ear before being captured is back home this morning.

The monkey’s owner said somehow it got out and wandered into a neighbor’s home in the 13-hundred block of SW 52nd Street where the homeowner and a friend were sitting down for dinner. The monkey apparently got in through a sliding glass door.

The monkey reportedly climbed on one of the men and bit his ear before fleeing the home and taking refuge on the roof.

The Miami-Dade Venom Unit and animal control were able to coax the monkey off of the roof with bananas.

“He was scared, scared of the crowd, the lights, scared of everything,” said Miami-Dade police Lt. Lisa Wood. “Once we got him back there where it was quiet, he sat very calm, let us move things around and then I put the carrier down and he went right in like ‘Oh, thank you very much’.”

It is unclear if the monkey’s owner will face any charges.


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