CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4) – The Broward State Attorney’s Office is deciding what charges an unlicensed 15-year old boy will face for Monday’s deadly hit and run accident which claimed the life of 69-year old Emil Angel.

Angel’s friends said he like to walk everywhere and on Monday was headed out to do a little Christmas shopping. As Angel tried to cross University Drive at Ramblewood Drive near the Coral Square Mall he was struck by Toyota with the unlicensed teen behind the wheel.

As Angel’s body crashed to the ground, the teen reportedly panicked and took off. A police officer who saw the accident stopped to help Angel. He also saw Toyota turn into mall’s parking lot and three teens bolt into the mall.

Police found one of the teens in Macy’s, the other two were found in JC Penney.

Police have not speculated on what charges the unlicensed teen driver will face, but have said that his two 15-year old passengers probably won’t be charged.

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  1. Lena Cheeseman says:

    It’s very sad the old man died because a 15 year old who shouldn’t have been driving. Besides the obvious that people who are not licensed should not drive I just wonder why so many are on foot trying to cross dangerous roads or walking when there’s poor visibility like nighttime. It sounds like this happened in the day time. I don’t even like to cross busy streets, too much traffic and bad drivers.


    This person KNEW exactly what they were doing when they got in the car in the FIRST PLACE to drive ! ! ! ! Then on top of that he knew EXACTLY what he had done and left the scene ! ! ! CHARGE AS AN ADULT ! ! ! ! Remember State Attorney, you work for the Citizens of the County, PROTECT US, charge this guy as an adult with aggrevated veh. manslaughter ! ! ! ! I WANT THE MAX ! ! Don’t forget for one minute, A GOOD PERSON IS DEAD ! ! ! !

    1. Dave says:

      I agree with you but before you jump to conclusions was the guy jaywalking? Was the kid under the influence of alcohol? When I was young i had friends that occasionally took their parents cars. That didn’t mean they were completely out of control bad kids. I’m not defending what this kid did because he ran from the scene but i understand he may have panicked or had something to hide. No reason to send a young kid away for 30 years or longer because of a bad decision and an accident. Lets wait until all the details come out before we jump to a verdict. This scares me alot though because i ride a motorcycle and my biggest fear is just this. Kids driving without licenses, illegals who dont have licenses or know the rules of the road or even elderly people(who actually scare me the most). I love riding but Miami streets and drivers have made it extremely dangerous.

      1. Jacqui Smith says:

        Jaywalking? Is that an excuse for a 15 year old to kill him? And then to run like a coward? Under the influence – again, is that an excuse? Not by my standards. Why was this kid anywhere near a vehicle? Wrong is wrong.

  3. Billy says:

    Damn that is messed up

  4. Jason says:

    this dude was just out trying to get some shopping done and his life got taken away by some reckless kid R.I.P Emil

  5. R.Jay says:

    Dang Alonzo was right i thought he was joking but he really did kill someone he’s in some deep stuff now

  6. DJ says:

    R. Alonzo told you about this too J shouldn’t have taken his aunt’s car dawg he shoulda been chillin at the crib

  7. Gary Gile says:

    Bud was a fiend of mine and a very good person. To read some of the above people go on as if to say it was his fault that some stupid kid ran him over sickens me.

    In an accident or any other form of death, do not look to the victim for blame. 15 years old or 50 years old if you are in a car and kill someone on foot YOU ARE TO BLAME. The degree of punishment will depend on the circumstances.

    At 15 you know enough about right and wrong and driving a car illegally is WRONG, period.

    Bud will be missed by all the people whose heart he touched.

  8. Tina K says:

    That man “Bud Angel” Was My FRIEND and Co Worker. He was an amazing man. I will miss him. Every choice, good or bad has a consequence. It’s sad the young boy thought he had to take/steal a car for a joy ride. There is no Joy in Killing a man. For the other 2 riding along for fun I HOPE they will have the nightmare for quite sometime and Hope this is a HUGE Impact in their lives.

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