MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami job seeker Rebecca Valdes knows about holiday stress all too well. For the past 6 months, she’s been focused on looking for a job and not finding one.

The Miami-Dade College student said she’s been looking for a retail or administrative position and wonders if her resumes are even getting to the right people.

“Personally it’s very hard every day applying for positions and not hearing back from anyone,” Valdes said. “It’s especially bad over the holidays, when everyone else is shopping, spending and enjoying the holiday spirits. This time of year, it’s way worse.”

Dr. Rafael Rivas-Vazquez is a Kendall Psychologist who practices out of Baptist Hospital. He’s said he’s now seeing a steady number of patients complaining about stress and depression based on several years of economic problems.

He explains it’s been building for a while and said, “I think there’s been a cumulative effect we’ve been seeing the past 3 years and it’s starting to wear on people.”

Still, many job seekers like Rebecca say they can’t afford to let their job hunt bother them too much.

Valdes said she’s optimistic about finding a new job over the next few weeks and added, “It’s really discouraging every day, but I’m not going to let it get to me, I’ll just keep applying.”

As the height of the holiday season arrives, some counselors warn economic stress will probably get even harder for financially-strapped families.

So what’s the best advice?

Dr. Rivas-Vazquez recommended, “Talk over your concerns with loved ones, friends or clergy.”

Most mental health specialists agree if you’re really feeling bad about yourself for prolonged periods, consider professional help.

If you’d like more information on how to cope with stress, click here.

  1. nena says:

    There is hope- and you don’t need an interview to get th job. WORK PROMOTIONS!!! Miami is very big on that…. I live in north florida and the same company that gets me work uo here also hires girls down there…. And I am a student too. I made $2000 in 6 weeks… and i work wine tastings, conventions, tours, events, etc etc…….. and up here, when nascar and bike week comes, and surf show. ohhh yeah I work all of those. Its good money. But the bad part is that you have to wait 5 weeks to get paid!!! it depends on who you work with, some pay you in 2 weeks, some take the standard 30-45 days

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