One Dead In Police-Involved Shooting In Front Of School

MIAMI (CBS4) – City of Miami police are investigating why one or more of their officer opened fire and killed a man in front of Allapattah Middle School Thursday afternoon.

Police Chief Miguel Exposito told CBS4’s Gwen Belton that a patrol officer received a report that a man was walking around the area of Northwest 13th Avenue and Northwest 46th Street carrying what the witness thought was an AK-47.

“Some of our tactical robbery unit officers heard the transmission on the police radio and they responded to the scene, where there was a confrontation with an individual armed with what appeared to be a shot gun,” Exposito said. “We know nothing about the individual.  We don’t know what he was doing carrying the shot gun, but there was a confrontation with police, there is a shot gun laying on the scene.”

The suspect was hit by a bullet from an officer’s gun, and transported to an area hospital where he later died.

A Miami Fire Department rescue truck got caught in the gunfire on the way back to station 12.

It is located near the scene of the shooting. Luckily none of the paramedics was hurt.

“The rescue truck did receive some damage because the rescue truck was in the line of fire but the individuals are okay,” said Miami-Fire Rescue Lt. Iggy Carroll.


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