MIAMI – (CBS4) – There’s magic in the story of Santa Claus for little children and now that magic is magnified by a new fable surrounding one of the hottest toys this holiday season. Elf Magic is a little stuffed elf that is said to come alive at night after boys and girls go to sleep.

In reality, parents fuel the child’s imagination by putting the elves in different scenarios each night.

“He got sent here by Santa to accompany the boys and girls on Christmas time because they got lonely at the North Pole,” said Rosie Huang, who bought one for her four year old son, Liam.

Huang said it is fun for the whole family. After Liam goes to bed, it’s time to put their thinking caps on and devise something for the elf to get into.

“So far he’s toilet papered our bathroom,” she said. “He’s tried to help make Liam’s breakfast, but causing a mess in the process. He’s found Liam’s karate boards cause Liam does karate lessons and he decided to do some board breaking of his own.  He’s hung out with Spiderman and Spiderman took him for a ride on the staircase.”

It is a surprise every morning for Liam when he scours the home searching for his elf, Frasier. Sometimes Frasier has been nice and left behind a gift for Liam. Other times, he’s been naughty and left behind a mess.

“When I go to sleep at night he comes alive,” said Liam excitedly as he held Frasier.

The Huangs have chronicled Frasier’s nightly escapades in photos as have many other parents in South Florida. For some it’s a way to exchange ideas.

“Oh we love it,” said Rosie Huang. “Every night, my husband and I are like, ‘Ok, what are we doing tonight? And sometimes it’s hard to come up with something. But on the website there’s elfcapades you get ideas from other people.”

But all the excitement comes to an end Christmas morning. As the story goes, Santa will leave gifts for the little ones and take back his elves to the North Pole.

  1. Yvonne Munro says:

    WOW Rosie and Liam!
    How lucky you both are!
    You are naturals on tv.
    You both did awesome!
    I loved it!!

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