Skycaps Accused of Pocketing Baggage Fees

MIAMI (CBS4) — More than a dozen airline employees are facing serious charges after a nine month investigation showed they allegedly pocketed baggage fees at Miami International Airport.

Miami-Dade police announced the arrests of Luis Zapata, 24; Josue Rojas, 31; Eric Johnson, 56;  Victor Casilla, 21; Maxo Felix, 40; Jonathan Schettini, 26; Jorge Uscamayta, 62; Yves Deri, 28;  Arnaldo Sanchez, 29;  Joel Rodriguez, 28; Emil Raymond De Leon, 34;  Renant LaLeau, 39; Heriberto Maldonado, 48; Jorge Alberto Martinez, 34; and Terry Bowens, 52.

All of the suspects worked as skycaps for Eulen American Corporation, a subcontracted company of American Airlines. They are accused of charging passengers for luggage and overweight fees, waiving the fees in the airline’s computer system and pocketing the cash.

All of the men have been charged with Organized Scheme to Defraud and Grand Theft. The investigation is ongoing and authorities expect several more arrests.

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