It’s always nice to know where you stand, and for that South Florida can turn to the latest issue of Travel and Leisure magazine. The magazine has released an article claiming to list the best, and worst, of 35 major cities across the nation, and while Miami ranks high for style, the magazine thinks our micro-brewed beer stinks. And, for the city that gave birth to Burger King, the dead last ranking for burgers has gotta sting.

It’s an eclectic list published by a magazine many consider to be a bit, well, snooty, but for what it’s worth, here’s what readers thought, including rankings from visitors and residents.

According to visitors, there’s no really great time to visit Miami, with spring break ranked 10th out of 35 cities. Local;s ranked New Years Eve a 6. Nobody liked fall, for some reason, with both groups picking it 33rd out of 35.

Miami was at the bottom of the list for culture, according to both residents and visitors, a dismal outlook.

Things picked up a bit when it comes to food, with visitors ranking us 9th for big name restaurants, but at the bottom of the list for neighborhood joints and cafes.

Affordable hotels? near the bottom of all cities according to townies and visitors, but we ranked near the top in all in one resorts. Want a bed and breakfast? If you believe the list, don’t come here. We ranked at the bottom again.

Miami is known for it’s Cuban food, but as for other local specialities, we didn’t get much love from visitors, and guess what: The locals were harder on us than the visitors were, trashing our burgers, coffee, barbecue, and even saying our pizza is poor.

The singles scene ranked high, as did a lot about our people; near the top in style, attractiveness, and diversity. But when it comes to friendliness and intelligence, visitors ranked us near the bottom, and locals? Dead last.


If you believe the list, the not much here worth living for. Only weather and people watching were in the top 10, but at the bottom, cleanliness, transit, and safety.

If you’re thinking about visiting us, even after all of this, the magazine’s readers even ranked the best kind of trip to take. Miami was number 3 for taking a wild weekend, something to which most people here would attest. We did Ok with romantic getaway, too, ranking in the top 20. But Affordable? Near the bottom, Family fun? same thing. And, a cultural getaway? No way, Jose.

It almost makes you want a drink. Good think we ranked in the top 20 when it comes to cocktail hour.


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