Usually I like to blog about funny moments with my boys …or try to expand upon stories that we had in our newscasts. But tonight, I keep thinking about this sweet little two year old who was brutally murdered …allegedly at the hands of his own father.

In the arrest affadavit, this man admitted to police that he put on boxing gloves to try to teach the child …a two-year old, how to box. He reportedly told police that he hit this this child 15 times in the face, head, and body. And even after the boy fell off the bed and hit his head on the hard tile floor, the boxing continued. It went on for 15 minutes. And then, in the arrest affadavit, the man told police that he put the child on the bed …and only called police after an hour, after the child’s lips turned blue. The boy was flown to Miami Children’s Hospital …but just before 6 p.m. we learned the boy did not survive.

The family gave us a picture of this sweet little boy who was named Willy Brown. In the picture, he has a slight smile on his face.  He is precious – as all children are.  His aunt told us that Willy was always a happy little guy and she doesn’t know what could have prompted Lee DeJesus to do something so horrific.

What is wrong in this world? If what police say is true – how could this grown man put on boxing gloves and beat a small defenseless toddler for 15 minutes? I can only imagine what this little boy was thinking …and how much he wanted the beating to end. So many of today’s children in this country are subjected to horrific violence – where can we find answers to fix it so that children can be children …and laugh, and play, and not be scared of someone hurting them?

Even in his death little Willy did to something to help another family. His organs were donated to another child at the hospital. May that child live a long and beautiful and peaceful life …unlike sweet Willy.


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