Wanna Boost Your Brain Power?

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We had a story today in our 5 p.m. newscast that really made me chuckle. It was one of those stories where off-camera, I must admit, I rolled my eyes.

This is part of my script …

“Here’s a good reason to just lie in bed during the weekend …it could boost your health. It provides an essential boost to brain power.”

Ok …sounds good to me. A boost in brain power? I need it. And a lie in? I could handle that. Sign me up. So lie in for what, 30 extra minutes? An hour maybe?

Nope. According to this new study even TEN HOURS in bed may not be enough for those of us who regularly burn the candle at both ends.

So …as I said, I got a good chuckle over this story. Who has ten hours or more for sleep these days? Just watching the movie Avatar was a big accomplishment last night. And I must admit, it was so long towards the end I thought of fast forwarding the movie to find out what happens.

When I got up this morning (after 7 hours of sleep and a dog that woke us up in the middle of the night by throwing up) I thought …I should have watched a 30 minute sitcom and banked the other two hours of sleep. That way I could have gotten nine hours of sleep and felt much better today.

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