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 My Pictures Are Stuck On The Computer
One of the pictures that I’ve never printed

Like most parents, I pull out my camera a lot. In the first few months of our boys lives we took probably a dozen pictures a day. Now, I take slightly less …but there’s a lot that I feel I need to capture …the first haircut, the first, second, and third time they eat ice cream, the priceless smiles they give when they’re on the swings (which is just about every day).

I download the pictures after I get a few hundred of them on the camera …making it very hard to file them appropriately. I have plans of putting together a great photo book, or even printing out some pictures to put in an album …but I haven’t done it. I have not even finished their baby books yet (and they are nearly 19-months old.) I know I have the pictures should I need them or want to look at them …it’s just that they are trapped on the computer.

I have asked some friends what they do. Some say it’s been a good year since they downloaded the pictures. And others say they just leave them on the computer because who has the space for albums or the time to look at them. 

Pictures are something that pre-kids I used to be so good at organizing. I’d order the prints immediately and put them in an album, and then even label the album when I was finished filling it.

I don’t know if it’s the technology that has made me change or the lack of storage or the lack of time. But every once in a while I wish that we didn’t have digital cameras …and I was forced to get the film printed so I’d have the prints …and years from now be able to pull out an album instead of pulling out a laptop.

  1. Jaqueline Y.G. says:

    You are my favorite news lady, I watch the news every day after Oprah, I will continue to watch you . You deliver the news with class, I enjoy watching you all. Whishing you and your lovely kids the very best

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